Soul Hippy all began when we left the rat race of London and set up a yoga studio in the beautiful countryside of Northern Ireland.

Where we had been we found ourselves constantly questioning our way of life, and it started to dawn on us that we needed to do something drastic to realise our ambitions. We wanted something that would make us smile, laugh and fill us with joy and purpose. Thus began the adventure of leaving our jobs in London, selling up and moving to Ireland.

We knew we wanted to start a store that was founded on sustainability and eco-friendly values, and our love of the planet and the environment around us has gone from strength to strength since coming home to Ireland. The landscape around us is stunning and the light changes constantly, highlighting windmills, wildlife, mountains and loughs.

We partnered with 4Ocean as their operation was just gathering speed, and since then the speed at which their movement has gathered speed is staggering. In just over a year they have removed over a million pounds of rubbish from the sea, and we are proud to have played a part in bringing that movement to the UK and Europe.

Next was Yuhme - Kirsty had spent a huge amount of time trying to find a water bottle that she felt comfortable with and when she stumbled across Yuhme she was bowled over by the founders' (Alex & Alex) principles, ethos and drive to make change in the world. Yuhme are also a social enterprise, giving back to the world as they earn their living.

Jon-Paul came across Cora Ball on Kickstarter, as one of the most successful campaigns of 2017. We immediately knew that we wanted to help bring the Cora Ball to Europe and added it to our catalog.

We are constantly looking for products to add to the store, whether they inspire people to change the way they live, give something back to the environment, or both. If you have any suggestions for what you'd like to see available in the store, let us know at