Bags, wallets and purses

Washable paper bags entirely designed and made in Italy.



Beautifully soft organic scarves made in Kenya using traditional dying techniques. RefuSHE reinvest 100% of their proceeds into the young refugee women in RefuSHE's artisan collective.

Mia Hague

Greetings Cards

Mia Hague is renowned for her beautiful designs using , printed on recycled card and wrapped in biodegradable cello wrap.


Water bottles

The world's most eco-friendly water bottle with a purpose. Made from sugar cane, each bottle has a negative carbon footprint and for every one sold Yuhme provide 6 months of clean water to someone who needs it through Water For Good.


Copper Water Bottles

Ayur copper water bottles are handcrafted from pure, solid copper and are the only copper bottle featuring an easy carry handle.

Ayurveda is a traditional science of holistic medicine to bring the body back into balance. Ayurvedic benefits of drinking from copper include beautifying the skin, anti-aging properties, improving digestion and fighting off disease.

Blästa Henriët

Wheat Bags

Founded by Swedish native Lo Blästa, it all started with a ‘Vetekudde’ (Swedish for Wheat Bag) - a heatable wheat pack, traditionally made from linen and grain.

Bee Bee Wraps

The Organic Plastic-Free Clingfilm Alternative

BeeBee organic cotton and beeswax wraps are your compostable, breathable solution to single-use plastic, helping to reduce plastic pollution and food waste towards a more sustainable life.

Wrap. Eat. Wash. Repeat.

Cora Ball

micro-fibre catcher

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