Organic Cotton Face Mask


These masks are designed to fit the mask as closely as possible to the face. Protective masks do not protect against the risk of infection with the virus. However, when used properly, it serves as an additional barrier to the airways during the day. The face mask should be removed as soon as it becomes wet or after 2 hours of use.

Made of 100% organic cotton. Two layers – outer and inner.

Recommendations for use:

  • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or disinfect them by specialized means before applying the mask.
  • Avoid touching the mask with your hands during use.
  • Remove the mask holding it by the rubber bands behind the ears, without touching the face.
  • Wash hands with soap or disinfect them after removing the mask.
  • Wash the face mask after each use at a temperature between 60 and 80 degrees.
  • Store in a dry environment at a temperature of +20 to +40. Before and after use store in a sealed bag.
  • It is recommended to change the mask every 2 hours.

These protective masks do not have any medical certificates.

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