Sea Turtle Bracelet


The Sea Turtle edition bracelet is a beautiful lime green colour and is made entirely from waste material that has been recovered from the sea.

Every year, more and more plastic and trash enter the ocean, threatening the lives of the animals that call it home. Sea turtles, who happen to be some of the most beloved and endangered species on the planet, are particularly at risk from this onslaught of ocean debris. 

For the month of June, 4Ocean partnered with the Florida Atlantic University® Marine Research Lab to raise global awareness about these and other issues facing sea turtles as well as to help combat the plastic debris problem first-hand through their cleanups.

Each Sea Turtle Bracelet sold removes one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines so that dangerous items like plastic and marine debris never have a chance to make it into the open ocean where they might be encountered by sea turtles.

In addition, every bracelet purchased also helps to further the Florida Atlantic University Marine Research Lab’s mission of moving sea turtle science forward by supporting the study and care of sea turtles prior to release in the wild.

Purchase and proudly wear your Limited Edition Sea Turtle Bracelet and spread the word so that we can all take responsibility toward a more sustainable future for our planet and for sea turtles.

You can help make even more of a difference by thinking about your lifestyle and taking the opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever you can.

Unisex design

Adjustable from 2-5” in diameter

Stainless steel 4Ocean charm

1 pound of trash will be removed from the ocean

Made from recycled materials

Please note: as stocks are limited there is a limit of one board sticker per bracelet. 

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