8 Million tonnes of plastic enters the sea every year. 

Sounds like a lot, but it's just a really big number. Let us help you put it into perspective.

Since you started reading this page,
the equivalent of
plastic 500ml drinks bottles
have been dumped in the sea
Placed end-to-end,
they would stretch for over
0 miles
It would take that tower
35 minutes
to stretch from London to New York
and only
4 hrs 5 mins
to stretch around the world
In just
1 day 15 hrs
it would reach the moon
Enough plastic bottles that in
1 week
every inch of coastline in the world
would be lined with a plastic bottle

4Ocean are working hard to reduce
this. For every bracelet sold 4Ocean
remove a pound of rubbish from the
sea. That's the equivalent of
24 plastic bottles!

Get your bracelet and pull a pound