8 Million tonnes of plastic enters the sea every year. Join the mission to stop it.

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4Ocean officially launched in January 2017 when they sold their first bracelet and removed the first pound of trash from the ocean.

4Ocean Overfishing Bracelet

Since that first pound, more and more people learned about their cleanup efforts and their mission, and were eager to join the movement towards cleaner oceans.

Since their official launch just over a year ago, they have been able to remove over a million pounds of trash from the ocean and they are going from strength to strength. Their new cleanup headquarters on the island of Bali is close to where founders Alex and Andrew were first inspired to do something to combat the huge problem they saw. 

4Ocean bracelets are made from 100% recycled material - the cord is made from recycled polyurethane (PET - most commonly used in plastic drinks bottles) and the beads are recycled glass.

4Ocean Overfishing BraceletEvery month 4Ocean release a new limited edition bracelet that in addition to pulling a pound of rubbish from the ocean, also supports another cause that is close to their hearts. In the past this has included polar bear conservation, breast cancer awareness, sea turtle conservation, whale and dolphin conservation and many others.

Keep an eye out on our blog for details of the latest limited edition bracelet, and join the Soul Hippy Family via the link at the bottom of any page to be notified before anyone else when the new bracelet is released.

By buying your bracelets from Soul Hippy:

  • You'll be enabling 4Ocean to pull a pound of rubbish from the ocean;
  • You'll support the charitable cause supported by any limited edition bracelet;
  • You'll reduce the carbon footprint of shipping individual bracelets from the US;
  • You'll avoid the long wait for international delivery, and the potential hassle of customs and duty;
  • In addition 1% of all Soul Hippy sales goes towards environmental charities, audited by 1% For The Planet. This financial year we are committed to donating 1% of our revenue to Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


Buy a 4Ocean Bracelet 

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