Plan Toys® Mini Game


Presented in a small tin box, these mini-games are perfect for taking out and about, small enough to play with at a restaurant table. All made from natural and sustainable rubberwood, these tactile toys are suitable for ages 3 and up (you'll probably find yourself playing with them too).

Pick Up Sticks

A beautiful rubberwood version of the classic game - drop the sticks in a pile and then take it in turns to try to take a stick without disturbing the rest.


This 26-piece multicoloured set of different geometric shapes is simple interpretation of traditional tangrams, allowing endless different shapes and patterns to be made.

Balancing Cactus

A surprisingly challenging puzzle in which you need to balance the 13 pieces of cactus on the base without it toppling over.

Spinning Tops

Four spinning tops, each in a different shape that has a distinctive effect on the way they each spin. How long can you keep them going?

Construction Set

A set of 24 wooden blocks in 5 different colours and 8 different shapes, your kids will love creating with this set.

3D Puzzle Cube

9 L-shaped rubberwood pieces in different colours that will challenge your children to use their analytical brains to piece them together to form a perfect cube.

Stacking Game

See how tall a tower you can build! Take it in turns to roll the dice, then add a block of the right colour to the growing tower without making it fall!

Memo Game

Place the 12 different coloured cubes with the colour dots facing down, then take it in turns to roll the dice and find the right pairs.

Domino Run 

Create a classic domino run with these 22 mini dominos in 5 colours, you'll need a steady hand!