UASHMAMA® Carry Two Bag


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The UASHMAMA paper carry bag is available with handles! Roll the top inside or out to get your desired look. Use as a market shopper, beach bag or for laundry. Uashmama paper is made using a virgin fibre from cultivation and not through deforestation. Sustainability extends to sustainable use, finding new ways to use and reuse the simple paper bag. The height can be adjusted by rolling the top inside or out.

Made in Italy with ♡ design & care.

All sizes are measured unrolled: W24 x D24 x H70 cm


Composition: 100% Organic
Material: Basic Paper
Product Type: Carry Bag

Product care

The carry bag can be handwashed in warm water using a mild detergent or soap, be sure to rinse thoroughly and reshape before drying.