This powerful video from Novo Amor highlights the problem perfectly

Welsh artist Ali John Meredith-Lacey, better known under the name Novo Amor, has produced one of the most beautiful, haunting and stomach-turning videos I've ever seen.

In the video for the track Birthplace, the story is told of a man who arrives on a perfect Earth but encounters his nemesis in the form of ocean rubbish. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking, having been filmed over the course of over 35 hours underwater.

British champion free diver Michael Board plays the part of the visitor to Earth and performed over 250 free dives to capture the scenes shown. Amazingly none of the video is CGI - all of the interaction with ocean wildlife was captured while Michael was diving as deep as 25m wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and jeans.

I'd recommend you watch the film, then the 'making of' video "The Story of Birthplace", and then the film again. I can't tell you what emotions it will stir in you - love, anger, despair, determination - but it will probably be a mix of all of these and more.

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The Story of Birthplace

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Eye opening! Breathtaking! Humbling! 🌍💚

Celine M. Gervin October 13, 2020

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