Drowning in Plastic - the BBC's hard-hitting follow-up to Blue Planet 2

Many people were first made aware of the immensity of the plastic problem our planet and particularly our oceans face when they saw David Attenborough's incredible Blue Planet 2 documentary series. The sad fact is that the documentary only scratched the surface.

On Monday 1st October at 8.30pm on BBC1, a special 90 minute documentary presented by Liz Bonnin. She and the production team spent 9 months studying and documenting the plastic pollution that blights our seas and rivers. During the documentary they visit the Far East, the Arctic, Australasia and North America. What they find, and what you'll see, is very difficult to watch. But it's vitally important that as many people as possible see this important programme. It's apparent that out of sight certainly means out of mind for most people, and despite the revulsion many people felt at what they saw in Blue Planet 2, they haven't changed their day to day habits to compensate. It's a problem that isn't in our own back garden, so let someone else deal with it. Hopefully this programme will help to turn the tide.



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